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At Rotsen, we are sensitive to the environment, human conditions, fair work and cultural respect. We believe that authenticity, transparency and responsibility are fundamental values. Taking care of our environment and people is key to our present and future.
Manufacturing sustainable, certified, local and respecting fair work (salary, hours...) implies a higher production cost.
We must keep in mind that if we pay too little for a garment, it does not include the environmental/ethical damage and someone will pay the rest in another part of the world.
If a product is cheap, someone in the production chain was not paid.
Sustainability cannot be superficial.
It is not including a percentage of sustainable fibers in a collection.
It is not decentralizing production to achieve illegal working hours and conditions in your country.
Sustainability = love, equality, respect, harmony...
100% of the garments are manufactured in Galician workshops, specifically in the province of A Coruña.
All elements of the garment come from Spanish suppliers.
The result is a garment that is 100% locally manufactured, traceable and with sustainability standards in all processes, which replaces polluting materials with respectful ones.
On the back of your garment you will have all the information about each of the elements that make up our garments and the corresponding certificates.