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Fair Work
Fashion must provide decent work from conception to creation and runway. This industry does not enslave, endanger or exploit people, much less discriminate against anyone. Fashion liberates the worker and the user and allows everyone to defend their rights. It is a method of personal and cultural expression.
Transparency and responsibility
Fashion embraces clarity and does not hide behind complexity.

Care for the environment
Fashion conserves and restores the environment. It does not deplete resources, does not degrade the soil, does not contaminate the air and water, nor harms health. This must protect the well-being of all living beings and safeguard diverse ecosystems.
Fashion advocates fair prices that, a priori, are higher but are cheaper in the long run. It is not about consuming a lot and cheap but rather a little but of quality and, therefore, more durable.
Success before profits
Fashion measures success by more than just sales and profits. She places equal value on financial growth, human well-being and environmental sustainability.

Cultural respect
Fashion respects culture and heritage. It should celebrate and reward skills and craftsmanship. She has to recognize creativity as her strongest asset.

Fashion can be expressed, delight, protest and more. This never subjugates, denigrates, degrades, marginalizes or compromises. Fashion celebrates life.